My first Picture


Okay so here it goes! My first blog post!

This was my first picture i took in my class. This beautiful flower is found in my school’s garden though i dont really know what it is called. I used a lot of focus on the flower itself to bring out its beauty and highlight the features. The blurred background helps to do that very easily. The image was taken with a normal digital camera and not a DSLR  so maybe its not having such great clarity. But like i said i hope to grow my blog along with my passion which means better images/posts are all on your way!

SCHEDULE FOR POSTING: Because school has kept me busy all the days of the week i will try to post once a week. The days when i have holidays, i might just post a bit extra.!

I hope you liked my picture and my first small post!

Do let me know if u liked it!!


17 thoughts on “My first Picture

  1. Woah nyc pic. I m hoping for updates like this one. Keep up the good work. Mayb one day it’ll b me who’s asking for ur appointment for a photoshoot😉


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