Dusk, the most beautiful time of the day. My city, Mumbai is always in a rush. People have no time at all. They have jobs, families, and have to go through the commute everyday! But sometimes they forget to notice how beautiful dusk is here in Mumbai. Someday’s the skies turn pink,orange and look so radiant. This image was taken right at my house, the grill lines in between are of my window’s. These plants shone so beautifully in the setting sun that it was surely Picture-worthy! There are so many beaches here as well, they may not be the cleanest but surely one can ignore that and pay attention to the beauty of the setting sun. I haven’t edited this image at all and left the beauty of it as it was.Β 

I hope you liked my second post! and do comment down below and let me know what you think <3.


[P.S Contact me at: aestheticgraphymail@gmail.com]


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