Read Divergent 2.0 Hey! Today my post is going to be a little different, because i want to focus more on my caption than on my image because the caption means a lot to me:) Divergent,meaning being different and taking pride in it[yes i am a divergent fan:)] . People around us,everywhere, have their own opinions […]

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The Lion City

“Once you have traveled,the voyage never ends”- Pat Conroy  This is very true for each one of us who have traveled. We not necessarily need to travel abroad to actually get “the feels” but somewhere around the city also is enough to make us happy. Visiting a new country is , yes, a whole new […]

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When the difficult times start to grow rapidly, I wish we could all improvise our situations and move away from the negativity. I endear these species, able to solve their problems by being carefree. They could stay serene through out the situation, be it the hardest time. One could solve their problem easily by keeping […]

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