When the difficult times start to grow rapidly, I wish we could all improvise our situations and move away from the negativity.
I endear these species, able to solve their problems by being carefree. They could stay serene through out the situation, be it the hardest time. One could solve their problem easily by keeping their cool and maybe try focusing on the good.Not only do I admire dogs for how they handle their situations but also how they make other’s problems easier by just proving their loyalty. 

This above picture is of my dog. I have two more of them. They live in my building compound but me and my family treats them just as if they were at our house!. I just used zero technique in this picture and just happened to capture this image at the right time. Clicking pictures with my dogs , be it a selfie or a candid of them is very very difficult. But thankfully this one came out perfect, right time,right expression :). 
[Thanks to my friend Bhavti Shah who has helped me in writing  the above few paragraphs.
I hope you liked my picture! Be sure to like the post and dont forget to comment!.

8 thoughts on “Endearment

  1. I wouldn’t get the credit as that pic of yours is awesome! Trust me, when I say I’m unbelievable w/ photography. Some of it is my camera’s fault too though…!

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