The Lion City


“Once you have traveled,the voyage never ends”- Pat Conroy 

This is very true for each one of us who have traveled. We not necessarily need to travel abroad to actually get “the feels” but somewhere around the city also is enough to make us happy. Visiting a new country is , yes, a whole new experience but visiting a nearby hill station won’t be a disappointment at all. Travelling to new destinations not only gives us happiness but also a sense of achievement , of finally visiting that “Top 10 Places to Visit” country for instance. Yes, I know we do feel like we have achieved something and that’s totally fine. So one last thing, DON’T FORGET TO TRAVEL AT LEAST ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME!!

This picture of mine was,clicked in Singapore when i went there for vacation. The picture is of the famous Singapore Flyer.Its a 165m high beautifully located flyer. I have more pictures of this flyer from all angles because i did go everywhere to get a perfect picture. If you could notice it looks like i was tilting backwards while i clicked this image. 🙂 yes i was!!. The lighting was perfect and i just had to use a normal focus while clicking.

The above writeup in italics is just a small part of an amazing caption that me and my friend,Sanjita wrote. The whole writeup and a few more of my Singapore pictures is posted on her blog so be sure to check it out-

I hope you liked my picture and the collab, dont forget to comment and let me know what you think!

Until next time,Adios.


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