Perseverance, determination, persistence. We’ve all heard it at at least some stage of our life and we always feel something inside right? Like we feel like taking on the world, doing something with our life every time we hear a speech about those topics. Perseverance can go miles for anyone of us, it can lead us to our favourite university,job,life-calling and so much more. But it seems very hard to stay determined to our goal at all times, right?  We all feel like giving up, stressing about it and just think “I can’t go through this anymore” ,now that’s okay to feel because we are not robots and cannot do things mechanically. But after the phase of feeling low about yourself we need to pick us up and move on. We need to think of the good in our lives, the things helping us to reach our goals, we need to forget the self pity and focus on the best things in our lives. That gives us the determination to keep going.

Going on the picture, Now that’s my cat![ Yes i do have dogs as well:) ] . She’s three months old and her name is Chloe[*aww moment*] This picture just showed how she focused on something and didn’t move her gaze at all. She looked with complete determination,as you can see. I just felt this picture reflects on the determination we should have and not look away from our goals.

So I hoped you liked it..Its been so long since I’ve posted and i promise to start posting regularly now. Let me know what you think of the post in the comments below and be sure to like it! Another important update i have made to my blog is that now you can sign up for notifications via email from my blog. To sign up click the menu icon on the top right,scroll down and enter your email address.

Until next time!


Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.

-Albert Einstein


15 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. As selfish as it sounds, it’s about me. What I want to say to people’s faces but don’t. What I think, my fears, whatever that bothers me. Music, books, spirituality. Everything relatable, random, and necessary. And yeah, poetry too. I hope in the middle of all this, I can help others too, especially angsty teens. I think that’s why I felt the need to start writing a blog, there are so many things I want to get out there. ✨

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