Technology:A boon or bane?

Hey!Now before you make up your mind of not reading this just because my title is like the essay we all have written in 7th grade,stop. Its not! That question is still very difficult to answer even though i believe technology is a boon to our species. Like we went from this





Pretty awesome right? It sure is. But has this technology started to consume our lives?take over our family get-together? Be a way to ignore somebody? I believe it has. Because I face it as well. And I’m sure you all do too. I am still learning to reach the balance where i am not on my phone too much, nor too little. It is going on well until now, and i hope i reach there soon. You see, technology isn’t bad , the reason you are reading this is also because of technology. We have GPS,Video calling,Messaging,Snapchat and so much more, that’s all so fun and made our life so easy. But it’s very easy to allow them to take over our lives and consume us and i believe everyone should think about this. We need to find our balance sooner or later. Just so you know, I really love the progress of technology and glad that our generation is getting to be a part of it. 

Both of those pictures are taken at my house! We have that antique phone which actually gave me the idea of this topic. And the second one is just my phone.And i hope you liked reading my thoughts and the picture!

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