Happy New Year!!

Hey guys! Nothing special here today but I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I hope you’ll have a great year ahead. I also hope my blog grows to be better and I can put up better content for you all from the coming year. {why that picture now? I […]

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3 Goals for 2017

Hello guys, I have been tagged by my friend Liz to post about my 3 major goals for the new year , from The Daily Warriors, check out her post here :Liz’s post So my 3 Major Goals for 2017 is 1- To appreciate people who love and care for me,more.{family} 2- To be emotionally strong […]

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Joyeux Noël

The lights filled the streets,people wore their best outfits,the sound of music filled the air and it dawned upon her- it was Christmas. Heya! Welcome to my Christmas Post-2016.  All around the world, people celebrate Christmas with different traditions on Christmas Day and before , like Thanksgiving. In India we do not have Thanksgiving but […]

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Hey guys! Do you’ll have dreams? Nightmares? Funny dreams? , I’m sure you get something from these or you are like me , who doesn’t dream at all!. I never get dreams, if i do i never be able to recall them. The whole idea of having a Dream is so fascinating, we are semi- […]

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As you can tell by now, this post is all about music and what it is to me. I started playing the Guitar about a year back and before that i had my try at the Keyboard too. I wanted to learn a new skill and i couldn’t be wrong with a Guitar. At the […]

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