As you can tell by now, this post is all about music and what it is to me.

I started playing the Guitar about a year back and before that i had my try at the Keyboard too. I wanted to learn a new skill and i couldn’t be wrong with a Guitar. At the start, it seemed very difficult for me and i was not happy at all. But as time passed, i can now play many songs and have progressed in my learning. Learning a new skill has helped me to learn not to give up and keep pushing forward. Music helps me relive all my stress and worry, be it listening to some tunes or playing my own. I can assure you that if you think about learning a new instrument to play,you won’t be disappointed. 

My journey with learning the Guitar had huge up’s and down’s.{My guitar is turquoise blue FYI}   I started with home tutoring but soon got bored as it wasn’t as good as i thought. After that i was very low and stopped playing completely for 2 months.My parents encouraged me to go back again and now learn by going to a class. I joined a nearby class, and i couldn’t be happier. It is a perfect place, the sound of instruments in the atmosphere and it lifts up my mood immediately. Because of going to a class, i get to interact with many people with common interests and it makes me feel very good.I haven’t really played in front of many people excluding for my friends and family and i intend to join my church Worship Team in the coming years.   


I am completely new at instrument photography so i’m sorry if they’re not so great:) I would love to get some tips on them though!



ALSO,THANK YOU ALL FOR 50 FOLLOWERS, it is a huge achievement for me as most of my followers are people i never knew before!

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12 thoughts on “Music

  1. Hi Ri. Music is life. ❤ I'm so glad you decided to give it another chance. Do you have an account for your songs like YouTube or SoundCloud? It would be nice to see your progress through those, or maybe let us hear your sounds when you play.

    I really encourage you to join the Worship team as I'm sure it will be a very fulfilling experience for you.

    The pictures are great. I'd like to see more of the guitar though, maybe a whole body picture next time? ❤

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