Hey guys!

Do you’ll have dreams? Nightmares? Funny dreams? , I’m sure you get something from these or you are like me , who doesn’t dream at all!. I never get dreams, if i do i never be able to recall them. The whole idea of having a Dream is so fascinating, we are semi- conscious when dreams occur and they can be very vivid in nature. I still don’t understand what causes dreams to come, maybe the events that take place in our daily life? or something very important and personal to us? . Dreams have helped people reach high places , for example Albert Einstein who got an extraordinary scientific achievement of  discovering the principle of relativity by having a vivid dream! See, even something miraculous can happen in our life, we need to dream to achieve {-riya rajayyan :)} and to do that we need determination, self- determination. Maybe our dreams may not change the whole world, but it may make a huge impact on our life itself, like finding an answer to our career, our path to life, and so much more. 

The picture, of course is of my dear cat, Chloe. She seems to be in a deep thought whilst looking out of the window. I had to capture this and it came on perfect timing,even a friend of mine told me that i should post this on my blog, so i did because it fits my theme perfectly. I clicked that via Snapchat 🙂 and did a bit of editing to it.


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