The Valiant Blogger Award.

Hey Guys, I have been nominated for the Valiant Blogger Award by Liz . Thank you so much!This is my first blog award so I am really grateful for it! HALL OF VALOR . My Greatest Challenge In Life: For me, my greatest challenge is controlling my emotions and feelings. I am very sensitive and start to feel […]

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My Music-1

Hey guys! This is a small video of me playing the song Stitches by Shawn Mendes. I have just included a small part of the chorus tabs. I can play the chords and strumming but I wasn’t so sure on putting it up. I have been playing the guitar for about a year now and […]

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Divergent 2.0

Hey Guys, This is an continuation of my post Divergent that I posted a few months ago. The message that the post gives is very important to me, so I decided to write a little further on it. As I have spoken about being different in my previous post, this time I want to talk about “Fitting […]

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Dusk, video.

I took this video of my cat Chloe the other day during Dusk. The sunset looked beautiful and my cat looked quite pretty in it. Haha . Don’t mind the noise, i didn’t edit it at all because I wanted you’ll to see the beautiful colours. And Mumbai is very noisy anyway! Hope you liked […]

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Blog Update

via Daily Prompt: Simple Today’s daily prompt was Simple and  I just designed a new logo for my blog which suits the word perfectly. Let me know what you think!

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Happy Republic Day.

Today, India celebrates its 68th Republic Day. So I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Republic Day. These are few things I have to say: 1-Roads. Especially in Mumbai,people complain too much about roads and traffic (including me) but the thing is we’ve all been bought up going on these bumpy roads which […]

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Hey guys! I recently changed up a few things on my blog here like the images and content  that go on the pages when you visit them like the one here on the  Home page and the About page. Along with that i added a few things on my side bar. To make your work easy, I’ve attached […]

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Hey guys, its me again. I know 2 posts a day ,wow :). Well, because i am recovering from my viral fever i am at home and am free hence the extra post. I have finally earned 2 badges for my blog (technically its one because the wordpress one anybody can use,but lets stick to […]

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Daily Prompt: Aesthetic The Daily Post , here on WordPress gave a one word prompt , Aesthetic which i think i can write a lot about!   Aesthetic, meaning concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. Or an aesthetic object or a work of art is one that shows great beauty. (Source) Aesthetic also means your own […]

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