Enticing Nasik

– {Nasik, which is also spelled and pronounced as Nashik, is a city in northwest Maharashtra, India. It is located at a distance of about 160 km from Mumbai and 210 km from Pune. }

Hey Guys!

I recently visited Nasik to celebrate my dads birthday and I decided to share a few pictures with you guys. It was just a 2nights 1day trip. Do watch the small video I took of a really pretty place.
Day 1

I don’t have any pictures of my car drive but this is where I had my lunch. 

Sugarcane Juice After lunch
Veryyy rustic:

Day 2

Dads Birthday!
Goodbye Nasik!

Day 3No pictures because I left for Mumbai early morning. 

So I hope you all liked this small post of mine! I really enjoyed this small get-away. 

I have decided that whenever I travel and stay at a hotel, I will mention the name with its mini review so if you’ll ever visit you would know a good place to stay. 

Hotel: Express Inn 

My take on the place: Its a really nice place to stay, lot of space to roam around and plenty parking space available also. It is easy to locate and hassle free check ins. The room is quite spacious and has a good view too. Food is really good and buffet and à la carte menu is also available. Lots of options and cuisines to choose from. I recommend a 4.5/5 on this hotel stay. 

I hope you liked the whole post and be sure to comment down below if you did.All the images were clicked by my phone.





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