*Aestheticgraphy q&a*
Hi all, I have been thinking to do something new on my blog. I am thinking of having one interview a month on my blog. It will be general questions and also help promote your platform(wattapd/blog/social media). Along with that you would need to either put a blog post or some means of the link to our interview so we send people to each others page. It will start soon.
I plan on doing this monthly but it depends on the person who would like to get interviewed as well.
As for now, for the first month slot is full but the rest are open.Currently, i would like my followers who are interested for this to comment down below and contact me on this id-
Here are some benefits you may find doing this.
1-More people recognize your work.
2-You might gain more traffic because the post will be put on the community pool once it starts.
THE ONLY CONDITION I HAVE:Please make sure to make a blog post or some means of post on your platform telling them about the interview.

18 thoughts on “BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT-please read!

  1. Hello riya , here is astha jain !! I believe it’s a good idea (just like community pool!!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜€) I am a poetry,article and blog writer ..,can search me out on my very first blog , Hope you’ll like..,thanks

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