A beautiful place i saw on my vacation.

Daily Prompt: Aesthetic

The Daily Post , here on WordPress gave a one word prompt , Aesthetic which i think i can write a lot about!  

Aesthetic, meaning concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. Or an aesthetic object or a work of art is one that shows great beauty. (Source)

Aesthetic also means your own vibe, your style, things you like. For example, if you like vintage stuff then vintage everything might be your “aesthetic”. My Aesthetic is basically everything Tumblr{galaxy,black and white,gold,vintage,floral,polaroid,food,and moreee}. I work on getting tumblr quality pictures often.

The word aesthetic means a lot to me, because it is what i call my blog with. It signifies my aesthetic and my style on a platform. When i saw the word prompt I told my friend and she urged me to write about it as well.

Here are a few pictures which may signify my aesthetic{not my own pictures}

Image result for tumblr black and white

Image result for galaxy tumblr quotes

This is my own image!

Image result for tumblr photography

Image result for tumblr polaroid

These are just some of those, as you can tell, i really like pastel, galaxy, black colours. This is just a few and there are so many more images which i could show, but then the post would never end 🙂

AestheticGraphy is not even a year old and i have already learnt so much in the blogging world, though there is more to come!Thank you everyone who reads and follows my blog. ALSO I AM DOING SOMETHING REALLY EXCITING ON MY BLOG WHICH IS A Q&A HEAD OVER HERE TO CHECK IT OUT

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Talk soon!




10 thoughts on “Aesthetic.

  1. Whoa! The flower garden you’ve snapped is amazing! And polaroids are the cutest thing to store a memory in. About galaxies? I won’t get enough words to describe my fascination towards it. The world beyond the canvas sky is where I’d want to explore! Shame I can’t be an astronaut 😛 btw thanks a lot for explaining aesthetic like no one else has ever before! It was just a word in my vocab before, one with a textbook definition but now you’ve gave it a whole other meaning! Appreciate that!👍

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