Happy Republic Day.

Today, India celebrates its 68th Republic Day. So I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Republic Day.

These are few things I have to say:

1-Roads. Especially in Mumbai,people complain too much about roads and traffic (including me) but the thing is we’ve all been bought up going on these bumpy roads which give us a backache at times,that if we go on super smooth roads like the ones abroad we’ll find something wrong and we miss our roads back home a tiny bit :).

2-Traffic is something we can’t do anything about. Because traffic rules are not strict in India,everyone drives um quite badly I suppose 😂. Very few people follow rules and everyone is in a sort of hurry. Which results in a traffic jam. The maximum I’ve been stuck in a traffic in Mumbai is 3.5 hours! Yes thats why Mumbaikars are super scared to travel from north to south Mumbai during peak hours! (If you are a mumbaikar imagine going from Borivali to Town in the morning! You feel me right).

3-Food. Indian food is something I absolutely love. I love my my Pasta,Pizza,Cupcakes and all too but yet Indian food=Home to me. I can handle spice very well and I love spicy food. Indian food is not just curry or chapati but its so much more. We have so much food ,its not funny. Indian Chinese is by far the best,its no where similar to authentic Chinese food because this is so spicy,has a lot of flavour to it which suits our palate. Indian sweets are also something out of this world!

4-Weather. Indian weather is quite different actually. In Mumbai winters are never that cold but this year it was super cold! Like it reached 16°C ! Which is too cold for me to handle.Immediately after this cold we go through Indian summers which are terrible! But the best part of them are the summer vacations and mangoes!! Then we have rainy season which I like at times.

5-Language. As you all may know India has many languages and because of that people at least know 2languages. For me I can speak Hindi and English well but understand a few other regional languages like Gujarati,Marathi. My grandparents are actually from the south of India,Kerala in particular but I sadly cannot speak or understand Malayalam 😦 We also can speak both the languages at the same time,like with my friends we talk English along with a few Hindi slang words which everyone can understand. But foreigners may not be able to pick this trait up easily because Hindi slang words don’t have literal meanings but they mean something too! Haha I’m sure I don’t make sense right now but I can’t explain Hindi slang😂

Okay so that was some of my thoughts on a few topics! *thanks to my friend for giving me a brief idea of this post* And I’ve hit my goal of 80followers. Currently its 81.Thank you guys!!

What is something about India that you find different? Comment down below.

Talk to you’ll soon!




16 thoughts on “Happy Republic Day.

  1. Happy Republic Day to you too! India is very different from Denmark, both with the traffic and the weather, (and the food and such as well).This winter the lowest temperature was at -13 C, so there’s a bit of a difference there 😛 Also our traffic is different as well, since most people follow the rules. Like, I, for example, never cross the road if the light isn’t green, even if there are no cars 😛

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  2. In my observations, I think you give importance to family and heritage in India.. and you have a very rich culture (love the clothes and Indian films are very entertaining in my opinion). 🙂

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