Divergent 2.0

Hey Guys,

This is an continuation of my post Divergent that I posted a few months ago. The message that the post gives is very important to me, so I decided to write a little further on it.

This is a small room decor item I have, its different because it is made out of scrap metal but looks very unique.

As I have spoken about being different in my previous post, this time I want to talk about “Fitting In”.

I have a cat and dog shaped decor which also signifies the pets I have!

Fitting in friend groups can be quite a task really! If you’re friends with people just because of their looks or popularity this will be relatable to you. As for me, I am an Ambivert and a few years back fitting in was difficult for me just because I didn’t have the right friends and was shy to make new friends. I would try hard to make them like me but nothing worked. After being tired of all this, I decided to be myself and not try too hard to Fit In. I obviously lost those friends but luckily made new friends who were much better and accepted me with all my flaws. I never had to try hard to join in a conversation, or act a certain way either. The friends I made, know who they are and guys, I really appreciate you all and enjoy every moment I spend with you all! That whole year in my life,I learnt being your self is the best thing you could ever do and finding friends who love and appreciate you is the best feeling.

My advice to you: Just be yourself and be confident in who you are.Don’t try to hard to fit in!

I hope you all liked my post!* All those images were clicked by my phone* As you know, I do not own a DSLR{but have a photography blog.lol} but by this year I hope to get one and use them for my blog. So some better quality images are on your way!

We’re near 91 followers now , THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS ME, it means a lot.

Have you experienced difficulties in being your self because you’re introverted ? Or extroverted maybe? Comment down below

Talk soon!



25 thoughts on “Divergent 2.0

  1. Loved the decor!
    A great talk about fitting in. Being friends with people due to their popularity or looks is ridiculous, really. Acquainting them is fine. As an extrovert I’ve a huge list of acquaintances, I fit in many new groups right away!

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  2. It is so true! Fitting in is tough sometimes, and finding the friends that ARE the ONES who never leave you is defnitely tougher. And one more thing, I have made sure that you don’t get rid of me since I am planning to stick around!!!♡♡😘

    Liked by 1 person

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