The Valiant Blogger Award.

Hey Guys,

I have been nominated for the Valiant Blogger Award by Liz . Thank you so much!This is my first blog award so I am really grateful for it!


My Greatest Challenge In Life: For me, my greatest challenge is controlling my emotions and feelings. I am very sensitive and start to feel bad for little things, it affects me so much that I am not able to do anything else. It’s a challenge for me to divert my mind off small issues and focus on all the good in my life, like my family,friends,my blog and my hobbies(Making music,dj-ing{new found} ,playing the guitar and photography). I also tend to get stressed up on small little things which again start to affect me a lot.Again, I tend to divert my mind by doing some things that I enjoy like playing my guitar or watching my favorite show on TV {For now its America’s Got Talent and American Ninja Warriors}. A few months back, I was really on the edge of breaking apart, if it were not my loved ones who were with me through that time I wouldn’t be able to stand where I am right now.So thanks to you all , especially Mom&Dad<3.



Cluster Of Stars Blog

The Honest Fabler


Sunny Side Life Hacks

^^Basically all my good friends here on WP.

Thanks for reading,and guys I hope to see your posts soon!


We’re currently on a count of 94 followers,THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!


32 thoughts on “The Valiant Blogger Award.

  1. This is a well deserved award, Ri. Emotions are really difficult to deal with sometimes.. At your age, I think you have been very mature and strong enough to deal with whatever you have been going through. I’m so glad to have become your friend/blogger sister in this community.

    Also, it’s good to deal with life’s negative circumstances etc with healthy habits and hobbies. You’re doing great! ❤

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  2. You seem to cope a lot better now,(some it is my magical work😉) but honestly, you are turning into a stronger person everyday!
    PS. That dreamcatcher is Baé !💜


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