The Confession

It all began with her, she was the reason I committed such a crime. She was Anna Jones, the governess of Detroit. Her family spoiled my trade,my profession and the only income I could ever have. But little did I, Chase Green, know how this revenge could lead me into a dark hole. I began my plan to end her,once and for all. She lived on the 5th Avenue’s house number 666.

At the back of my mind, I knew my profession is wrong, but I wasted my teenage years and now had nothing to do. My mind was consumed with hate and it controlled all my actions. I had the weapons and I had the skill, I only need courage to go for it. I chose midnight, 2am to commit such a huge mistake. I truly regret what I did, but what is once done cannot be undone.

I took my keys, my weapons and drove my Rover at full speed. It was around 1:30am and because there were guards at the front, I snooped in from behind. I climbed up the balcony into her room and she was there on her bed. I crept in very slowly, and her body sensed my movement and she turned around.  I stood ready and “BANG!” I shot her immediately as she woke up.  At that moment, I saw her fall to the ground, bleeding. Red dark blood covered the floor and I realised what a mistake I had committed, I had killed my sister.

I then ran away and stayed in hiding for 2 weeks. Guilt took over me and this was an example of how if you allow your mind to rule you, you can go into grave trouble.Not only would I be in prison for killing the governess but I would never be able to forgive myself for what I did. The police kept my identity hidden until the day of the court meeting.

I walked into the court room with guilt all over me, I had no lawyer, yet I could not not understand why I was called. Then I saw them, my parents, whom I had left and gone away when I joined the trade. My mother looked pale and Dad did not look at me. Then it came upon me, I was called to court to confess my crime before my parents and before going to prison. I just said this “Yes me, Chase Green has killed the governess, Anna Jones Green” and then I glanced over at my parents who were not able to control their emotions.

I was taken to prison after that.

Hey! So if you stuck till the end, Thank You for reading. This was a narrative essay I wrote in school and just thought of sharing it with you all.Let me know what you thought in the comments!







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