Hey guys! I have finally reached my first milestone in my blog, which is reaching 100 Followers. My blog turns 6 months old on 25th Feb and getting 100 follows before that was shocking. I did not expect blogging to be this fun and become one of my favourite things to do. My blog began as a photography blog , but as time passed I decided to make it different like adding my opinions on topics/ writing motivational things along with the image. People started to like that and I was sure I made the right decision.

I asked a few friends who are very involved my blog to say something about it and here is what they said.


At the beginning, you were a quiet {except with friends haha} girl who had a lot of imagination and ideas in her brain, which we didn’t know about. Through your blog, you have created a path for us to know about you and your views and opinions on various aspects of nature and your life. As for your blog, it has transformed from a very simple blog to a wonderful yet informative blog. Your blog is great and if it wasn’t you wouldn’t have 100+ followers.-Harshita

Riya has always been creative and thoughtful. When she told me that she started a blog, I was excited because now she gets to share her talent for photography with the world! Her blog has been consistent, thought-provoking and even soothing at times.-Sanjita

The blog has been very informative and all the information has proved to be quite useful at some point of time. I find your blogs really interesting and the pictures taken by you are kinda pro. I loved your blog so far and it’s been my pleasure to read and comment on all of them.-ProcrastinatorForeva



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