Bright Side.

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Hey guys,

The Bright side? You see, the lives we lead today is not easy. We have so many problems and its normal to crib about them once in a while. Like I can go on and on about how much homework I get , how the waitbacks at school are bad and so much more. But at the other side of it, by next year I’ll be done with school and then miss all of this. I try to look at the bright side like more homework is just helping me for my exams after all, the waitbacks are fun because I have my friends to hangout with. I am sure you all have way bigger problems than I do but even you need to look at the bright side. All that happens is for a reason, and sooner or later you will realize it. If we start with a positive approach then everything seems perfect but if we begin with negativity , nothing seems fine.{TRY SMILING WHEN YOU JUST WAKE UP TO YOURSELF AND THINK ABOUT THE GOOD THINGS IN YOUR DAY,YES IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL 10X BETTER} Looking at the bright side is something we all should practice, just to make our life a bit more merrier.

Do you already look on the bright side of situations?Comment down below!

Talk soon,




5 thoughts on “Bright Side.

  1. I try to look at the bright side of things.
    Sometimes, I succeed but many a times, I can’t because there’s no bright side to it. I try to find the bright side in it as well.

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  2. I’ve always had trouble seeing the glass half full instead of hall empty, but I’m really trying my best to be less pessimistic. I was horrible most of last year but I’m proud to say that I’ve already gotten better at the whole “optimism thing” 🙂

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