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Hey Guys!

This is my second last Q&A post and the only reason I am ending this is because I’ve got a new project coming up real soon!

Today we have Ashutosh Gursale from The Honest Fabler . He is a good friend of mine who I met here on WP! His writing is amazing and I highly recommend checking his blog out:) Here is his recent post

1- What is the story behind your blog name?

ANS: The Honest Fabler. The title has oozed deeper in my heart with time. Initially, I kept it temporary but now it has become my identity.

Fabler, the word has various meanings and one of them is— A Liar. Ironic how a dignified title of a storyteller relates with someone who’s a liar and a perjurer, thus I decided to name my blog “The Honest Fabler.” 

2-Can you tell us something about your blog and what inspired you to start it?

ANS:If you’ve visited my home page and have read the first line of it, you’ll know exactly why I started this blog. I’ve been writing stories and poems for almost 3 years now, but I never got a good platform to share them. I used various social sites but there were only few people who followed me that read the captions or the status updates. As a person who’s passionate about what he does, not getting a feedback (irrelevant of it being positive or negative) gets in your nerves. I learnt about blogging in my school, though I never started it. Procrastinating the tedious process of making and maintaining it. To my surprise, WordPress made it helluva easy! And I’m deeply grateful to the people that are a part of the WordPress community to make it such a happy place for bloggers over the world.

comes to you,it's a.png

3-How old is your blog and do you find any difficulties in the blogging world.

ANS:The Honest Fabler turned 2 months old on 8th February! The amount of bloggers I’ve got to connect in this span is amazing! I met many kind individuals with creative minds.(Riya happens to be one of them!) There’s only one problem I’ve faced and I’m sure majority of us will agree on—Private Messaging. Though I know it gives us the option to make our other social links available. But overall WordPress is the best thing happened to me as a writer! So no complaints, aye.

4-What are your top 3 Hobbies?

ANS:Reading. I would literally enjoy reading a children’s nursery rhymes book unless it makes sense, of course. I started reading since 5th grade and I’m deeply thankful to it. Naturally it is the crucial reason that I started writing. To this day I’ve lived numerous universes, all credits to magic created by words in a book.

Writing. Nope, it ain’t a hobby anymore.

Football. What’s the population of football fans over the world? YES! It overcomes India AND China combined. There’s a reason to the greatness behind the game, and it’s not only the fame, bah! It’s everything about team spirit, sportsmanship, glory and respect. Let’s not bore you with facts now. 😛

5-What is your aim for the blog you have ?

ANS:As I said, initially I just wanted a platform to share my stories, but now priorities have changed. The blog has made me keep in touch with my ability to imaging stories and write everyday. Each time I see from the perspective of a different personality. Thus my aim is to write as frequently as possible and make the world a happier place for my readers and fellow bloggers. 

6-Did you like this interview ? 

ANS: Certainly I did! I really appreciate you including me for this Q&A session. It was indeed wonderful and I loved the quality of questions. Kudos to you, young mind! Best wishes. 🙂 

Do head over to his blog and give it a read!

Talk soon




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