After the many requests here I am with Unknown-3.

Her hazel brown eyes gleamed when he walked by.

Her heart beat so loud.

His muscles peeping through made her and every other girl’s world quiver.

He was strong. He was brave.

But he never saw the love in her eyes. She remained unknown.

Was it true that he was so oblivious?

Or was it just an act he had to put up.

Hope you liked Unknown-3. What do you think? Is it an act? Or does he really not know? Let me know down below!

Go and read Unknown- ,2 if you’ve missed them.



23 thoughts on “Unknown-3

  1. Nice, Riyu! He is acting! He knows she has feelings for him and he too has feelings for her but doesn’t want to claim them cuz he is afraid to and putting on an act…

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