When all seems Locked.


When all seems Locked, when we feel there is no way out, no answer and no solution to it. We need to not lose hope. The doors of our situation may seem locked but Perseverance can help us get through it.

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. -Luke 11:9

This verse in the Bible, is one of my favorite just because of how hopeful it makes me feel. Even if you are not religious, reading this will surely ignite a sense of hope and make you want to move on in life.Things may be  tough, and there might be no way out but sooner or later you will be happier. Everything will go back into order but you just need to have faith. Don’t let people or even yourself let you down. Be kind. Be happy and look at the Bright Side. of life.

This image was clicked by me when i was leaving from my family lunch at Mahim. My family lives in South Mumbai and in Mahim, where my dad grew up they have always lived in these row house type places. There are about 3 houses and they’re all of my relatives. This door has always been outside. I have grown up seeing it. Every year it just becomes more old and shabby but there is some beauty in it. On how my dad must have grown up seeing this from being brand new to today and how I am able to relate to it. 

Hope you liked this post! Is there something old that you can relate to as well?Let me know down below.




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