Ascending Through The Mess #2

Hey guys!

Here’s ATTM#2.  This time round we are getting a sneak peak into how Sia was bullied and on what she was being bullied. Her emotions were in a turmoil and she gives her 14 year old self some expert advice on the way too. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as we did writing it.

Bully (verb): use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something.

I was a one of a kind girl, I didn’t have the most wanted “Thigh Gap” nor did I have an A4 waist.

But whatever I had was mine, and sooner or later I had to learn to embrace it. I had to learn to love my body.


“You’re ugly”. “You’re fat”. “You have a bad skin tone”. “I can’t look at your face”. “You have braces.Ew” . “I hate your nose”.  “She doesn’t deserve to be alive”

These are just some things the monsters said. Why did they just target me? They targeted the lamest possible areas of me and found something wrong with it.

Why was I the only one to be laughed at. Just because I looked different from them doesn’t make me inferior, instead I should have thought from another perspective , that they all looked the same.

I would go home every night crying and wasting time on bringing myself down instead I should have not given  it so much value and just begun to love the way I am.

As you can see, being a girl is difficult because we all are different. We all can’t be perfect with the luscious locks and skinny frame. However we are, girl hate has to stop and us girls need to be the support for each other!



Picture Credits: Pinterest

-Ri,Sanjita along with some help from Thinker



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