Edm the short form of electronic dance music is one of the genre’s that I have been loving lately. I always liked edm but never got into it as much as I have nowadays.

Here are few of the artists that I like :


David Guetta

Martin Garrix


Calvin Harris



The Chainsmokers


Major Lazor

DJ Snake

Jack รœ

I recently got to visit a Music Studio with my school around our locality. To my surprise they did EDM music and worked on that. We were given a tour of the whole place and also got to try a Launch Pad. Being able to play an instrument and recreating music doing this was a dream come true. I always have wondered and wanted to know how to create music from scratch and how my favourite artists created those catchy music tunes and beats. We got to try it for a short amount of time but it was super fun.

The exact same Launch Pad we got to try! 

Along with that we were shown how the DJ’s use their systems and I love the mixer! Its so fun to spin the circle and rewind and fast forward music.

Being an acoustic guitar player, recreating my favourite edm songs is a task haha. And many musicians and people who love music consider edm to have no talent. Even I thought that edm had no talent, after all its electronic music and there isn’t any real instrument at all which = no talent for people like me. If you don’t play an instrument you will surely have a different opinion. But after visiting this studio my whole opinion changed and I really think making EDM is an art. It isn’t easy adding beats and using that software!

Just thought of sharing an experience and my change of opinions 😂 with you all.

Do you like EDM?Who are your fav artists? Let me know down below.



23 thoughts on “Edm.

      1. You must check out Marshmello i vibe his music every day in the car, at home, even my kids love it but they don’t really understand EDM music yet but i’m working on them. Chillstep is really amazing too, also if you just go on youtube and listen to some live lofi beats i think you’ll really enjoy those as well ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. HUGE FAN OF EDM HERE! I listen to loads of genres under it: Progressive House, Hardstyle, a bit of Dubstep, Synth Pop (or whatever you call Porter Robinson’s genre), and lots more that I don’t remember the name ๐Ÿ˜… Some artist that I really love at the moment are Hardwell, Porter Robinson, Julian Jordan, Brennan Heart, Headhunterz, Dannic, and Adventurer (which I just heard recently). You should try listening to some of them ๐Ÿ˜Š Also, sorry for very very late comment ’cause I just installed the app a few minutes ago ๐Ÿ˜…

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  2. Great to hear people appreciating EDM for the genre that it is. People don’t understand how much work goes into producing electronic music, and seem to be under the illusion that DJ’s just press play on their mixers and let the tracks roll. It’s just so not the case. EDM is one of the most complex genres to define with thousands of sub-genres. If you like Skrillex you should check out his Hong Kong boiler room set on youtube it is insane.

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