Unknown- 2.

Here it is” he says looking down at his shoes.

“Oh yes! Thank you” I say.

He turns around to walk away.

“Wait! ” I say.

“Aren’t you gonna go in too?”

“No” he says looking right towards the door and that gave me a glimpse of his chisled jawline.

“Okay! Well I’ll see you around.” {Maybe}

“Sure” he smiles. He hurries away towards a group of his friends.

My thoughts begin to rush in.

He didn’t like me. I’m unknown.

“Ping” my phone rings.

A text.

Saying “See me at the cafeteria today”- the one who got you to English class.

But how did he get my number? Did he take it from someone? Or did he always have it?

Did he want to take things forward?

Or am I rushing too much?


Picture credits: Pinterest

Hey! Things are moving fast eh? Let’s see what happens at the cafeteria next time. Does he really like her? Or is it something he wants to end once and for all. Let me know down below.



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