AestheticGraphy turns 6months old!


Hey guys!

Today, 25th Feb my blog turns 6 months old.I cannot tell you guys how much this means to me, throughout my whole journey I have learnt so much. Writing better content/ posting better pictures and just making my blog better. Along this journey, meeting creative people was by far the best part. I have met really great people who have now become really good friends with me too.

I have never told you guys how my blog actually began. On 24th Aug, my close friend from church Sanjita began her blog. Seeing her go for it, made me think and instantly the next day I made my blog. It was on photography at the start, but I changed it to writing and flash fictions along with photography with the course of time. So her blog turned 6 months yesterday and CONGRATULATIONS SANJ!. Her blog is truly amazing and she has always been my #1 Blog Critic!

Along with that, Sanjita surprised me last night by nominating me for the Blogger Recognition and I’ve wanted that award for the longest! More of my blog story will be available there

The WordPress community is the best! You all are amazing and thank you for the constant support. Currently at 144 Followers which is amazingggg!
The above image is the one I clicked a while back. Used some focus and voila!Exactly a month after today, is my birthday and I intend on getting a DSLR for my blog. Which = better images for my blog ! yay 






26 thoughts on “AestheticGraphy turns 6months old!

  1. Many compliments for your blog turning 6….:)….I am pretty new in the wordpress community and will definitely appreciate suggestions and advice from experienced blogger like you. Please do visit my two blogs and

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  2. Congratulations Ri! You and Sanjita are my favorite best friend bloggers so far. (friends on WP and in real life haha)

    I’m excited for your birthday and the DSLR you’re gonna get. I’m sure you will enjoy it! You can join in the photo challenges and stuff. Anyway. I’m happy that you girls decided to start blogging, otherwise I wouldn’t have known you. It’s a blessing to have this connection with wonderful people, even if just online.

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      1. I’ve actually been on an emotional rollercoaster, tbh. But I’m doing much better now. I still try to maintain my blog. I like seeing how you are growing with your blog too.

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