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Hey guys, a small update here for you’ll. I’ve switched up my About page and also changed the header images of my main site. I would love if you could check it out and let me know what you think. Also, some photoshoot pictures are gonna be up soon which I took. So look for […]

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You’re You.

You’re you. Don’t let their words change you. If they leave you out, cry it out but remember to move on. Its them who have a loss now. They’ve lost the trust you had in them. The one loyal friend they had. Another chance? Maybe. But I wouldn’t trust you as much. Their ignorance to […]

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Blue Sky Tag pt.3

PART ONE PART TWO Hey! So this is the last part of the blue sky tag as for now. I already nominated people and gave questions in the second part so I won’t be doing any today. Thanks to Sanjita for nominating me for this one. RULES Give 11 questions Tag 11 people Answer the […]

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Where is Unknown-10?

Hey. I’m sure many of you guys were hoping for unknown 10 to be out much much earlier and must have even forgotten by now. The only reason I haven’t put it up is because 1. I need time to think on the story and 2. I don’t have that ‘time’ because of exams My […]

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In response to the weekly photo challenge Its easy being green The above image may not particularly be green, but portrays the beauty of the trees and how they turn to a beautiful shade during dusk. Picture Credits: Riya Rajayyan

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Today I turn fifteen. Fourteen whole years spent on this earth. I’ve learnt so much.So quickly. Things are never easy but there’s so much to be thankful for. Mom,Dad and a loving family  Awesome friends and the best memories. For overcoming my anxiety. And building a relationship with God. There is so much more.  I […]

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The Blue Sky Tag pt.2

PART ONE Huge thanks to Victor  for nominating me for the tag. I decided to nominate people in this part just to reduce the wait! Rules Give 11 questions Tag 11 people Answer the 11 questions given to you ANSWERS: Do people find you hilarious? Be honest. ANS: Yes sometimes they do. When I’m with my […]

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