Unknown- 2.





Her POV:

What a conversation.

Butterflies in my stomach.

Of happiness or sorrow.

That’s yet what I need to know.

Why. Why me.

Why couldn’t things go the way I wanted them to be.

Why was everything so difficult.

But yet in all this. 

I felt happy. Some thing made me smile.

Was it that we were together? Or just the fact that he wanted to meet me at the cafeteria.

I sipped on my coffee and began to drift away in my own sweet world.

Oblivious of what was to come.

Okay now I know you guys are gonna be like what the heck was that. I know you expected me to write about their conversation but I promise it will be out soon in Unknown-9. Its time to build the suspense.lol

What do you think the conversation was about?Comment down below.


Picture Credits: Pinterest



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