Blog Q&A4{Month:Mar} ft. Pravallika Manju

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Hey guys, welcome to the last Blog Q&A and today I have my good friend Pravallika who writes amazing books on Wattpad and who I reunited with a few months back. She was in my current school in 4th grade {no more is} but we never really spoke, some time back I found her on Wattpad and we began talking and clicked immediately.

Let’s get started.

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1. What inspired you to start writing and when did you start Wattpad?

ANS: I have always been one to express my feelings through words. Things that happen to me and things that I see around always inspire me. More specifically, feelings. In Grade 5, I picked up a pen and started writing a short story for no particular reason and since then, I’ve always written small, little stories along the way. But it was only in March of 2016 when I started publishing on Wattpad and there has been no turning back, ever since.

2. Why are the difficulties you face while writing?

ANS: Generally, I write only when words freely flow. But then there are times when I face a writer’s block and those are the worst times. But a block is something everybody who writes faces. Something else in particular that I face is trouble with is being precise. I am very picky with what I write and I won’t stop editing till I’m satisfied. I’m satisfied only when I feel like what I write is realistic and though that might seem like a good trait to have as a writer, it does end up taking a lot of my time and I end up not studying. 

3. How would you describe your writing style?

ANS: If I had to describe my writing style, I’d say it is simple and realistic. There will always be something you can relate to with my works and it is very easy to understand. But along with that I will have to say my works are also thought provoking.

4.  What are your top 3 hobbies? 

ANS:  Except spending hours and hours straight reading and writing, I love keeping up with YouTubers, cooking and singing.

5. What is your aim for your wattpad journey?

ANS: I just see Wattpad as a medium for me to express myself. And yes, as a writer it is nice to hit the charts, get ranked and all such good stuff but I never aim for it. If I deserve the recognition, I know I will get it. Till then, I hope to improve my English and conclusively writing and keep the creativity going. I hope to find great writers/readers and friends along the way with whom I can share a connection and spread the love.

6. Did you like this interview?

ANS: I loved the interview as I think it’s a great idea to help writers/bloggers promote each other and show some love. I thoroughly enjoyed answering the questions and am honored to be the last person you interview. 

No matter where you go, don’t forget to wear your halo


And well, be happy 🙂

~ Pravallika xx
I hope you liked this interview and you’ll can check out her account here: TwistedThoughts25 . Her books are amazing and I highly recommend checking them out.
Until next time!

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