Their Conversation: (text like that is their individual thoughts)

The recess bell strikes and I pick up my bag and go off to the washroom.

I glance at myself,fix my hair and try looking presentable along with giving myself the courage I need.

I walk into the cafeteria and look for him.


He wasn’t there. My heart felt heavy but I still went ahead and sat down at a table.

This wasn’t a date but I didn’t want to be stood up!

Then I see a guy, with the perfectly messy hair walk in.

Him:”Hey! I’m sorry I’m late, I hope you didn’t wait long.”

Her:(he’s apologizing to me.whatt) No no, its totally okay. 

*Awkward 5 min silence including glancing at the cafeteria menu,looking up at the ceiling and staring at shoes*

Her: Umm… So what are your favorite TV shows?

Him: Oh right. TV shows you ask. Um..many really. Brooklyn Nine Nine tops the list though.

Her:(OML) What!! Really…I love that show too.

Him: (wow she’s so pretty) Hahah yes it is. Its very funny and relatable.

Her: Yep!
Him: Do you wanna eat? I’m starving.

Her: Yesss

We get food and I see him just have juice.

Her: I thought you were starving, why just a juice?

Him: I can’t eat when I’m nervous.

Her: Nervous?

Him: Damn it. I said it aloud.

Her: Hahah no problem. Don’t be nervous around me. Its okay I don’t judge people at all.

Him: Wow that’s a great personality to have.

Her: *shy’s away*

Him: *Smirking* Haha you shouldn’t be nervous in front of me either.

Her: *clears throat* So..Do u play any instruments?

Him: Not really but I love to listen to music.You?

Her: I can play the drums. 

Him: Really ? You dont seem the drummer type.

Her: Breaking the stereotypes is something I love.

Him: Ouch that hurt my ego. Just kidding.

Her: haha.

We the continued to talk on various other things like pets/concerts/family and much more. 

When 5mins were left for recess to end

Her: This was fun, I didn’t know we had so much in common.

Him: Yep, it was!

Her: Um I just have a last thing to ask you. How did get my number so soon?

Him: Um what? N..nothing like that. I t-took it from your friend. Its not like I had it or something.

Her: (He’s not making eye contact again.is he lying?) Okay then. See you around.Bye

Him: Bye. Take care.

Yayay that was it guys! I hope you liked unknown -9 .

The last update is unknown-10 revealing the truth about their relationship.





18 thoughts on “Unknown-9

  1. This is an amazing and should I say, unique series. I don’t think I can even believe that this entire series started with just one word.
    Lol I should start paying more attention to the daily prompts although I’ll never be able to create anything like this lol.
    Honestly, the best thing about it is, I think, the format. If I knew how short each chapter is I’d have stared it earlier. I kept both this and Ascending through the mess for sometime later. I’m glad I didn’t miss out on something so good. Another comment is on the way, okay. 😝

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Again, you are heck of a writer to write an entire series from just a word.
    Now, of the story in general and the chapters. The story is obviously on a very “did that been there” kinda story. But you know what I think that’s what makes it so tough. Because you’ve already been through stuffs like that (if you’re 13+ at most) and we’ve already read so many fictions on this. So, to not let other stories affect yours and make something so unique is an amazing feat and I think you brilliantly achieved it. The format of the story is the best part, repeating it again.
    My favorite chapter was Unknown-4. His POV made me so excited, like a preteenager. 😂 Also, the last part of UK-5 was so relatable. I’ve gone through the ditto thing.
    And the images along with the chapters are so damn cute. Seriously cute.
    Now, coming to another part, would you mind a bit of criticism? I don’t know if I should even criticise YOUR work but I’m only being honest. I’m sorry if I’m wrong in advance. It’s just that the previous 8 chapters seemed more interesting to me than this one. IDK why but I couldn’t connect with their conversation much as i could to the other chapters. Ofc many bits made me laugh or smile but I’m talking about he overall thing. That’s only my personal opinion. Please please don’t mind.
    also, it would be cool if you included the link of the previous chapter in every chapter.
    P.S. thank you for making me read this. I had no idea what was I missing out on.😍😍
    P.P.S. Sorry for this essay. 😝😝

    Liked by 1 person

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