Quick Book Review : Quiet Power.

I bought it from here

Hey Guys,

Today I have a small book review on Quiet Power-The Secret Strengths Of Introverts by Susan Cain.

I bought this book a few months back but the first time I saw it was in HongKong, at the airport. I was waiting in line with my parents when I saw a small book shop. I went over there to spend some time because our line was huge!

Over there, I saw this book and began to read it. I immediately enjoyed reading it and had decided to buy it when I come back home {THIS ALL WAS IN MAY,2016}. Fast forward to now, I remembered about this book and decided to get it. It is really a great self-help book for Introverts and Extroverts as well!


The thing I like about this book, is that it has real life experiences from teens like me which makes me relate more. I have begun to apply some of the things I read, and I have to say, things are looking good.

I am not a huge introvert, but I am shy at the beginning just because I cannot do small talk, but if we click and become friends I am not at all quiet and shy. HAHA–my school friends will relate . It’s all about time.

The book offers good advice which we can easily use in different aspects of teenage life, like school,home,friends,hobbies and more. Even group activities, which I found very helpful.




Overall, I suggest this book to everyone to just improve our social skills and make us feel better.

I haven’t completed the whole book yet. But I will soon, so I will update this review or make a part 2 once I am done with my final verdict.

See you around,




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