My Music Taste.

Hey! A lot of people have asked me what my music taste is and they kind find it funny as well. Well my music taste is, classic pop music. The catchy ones which make 3% sense. Haha.  But at the same time, I love EDM, because it is such a talent to make music like […]

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Quotes 8.0

Don’t be your own bully. Don’t bring yourself down. You can and you will. -Ri Quotes 7.0 Quotes 6.0 Quotes 5.0 Quotes 4.0 Quotes 3.0 Quotes 2.0 Quotes 1.0

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My Crush❤

Hey! My friend Sheetal here on WP wrote such an awesome poem about crushes. Which inspired me to write this poem/thoughts today. You don’t know who I am. Maybe you do,we talk everyday actually. But do you know about how I feel towards you?  Sigh. You don’t. Every time I get your text, butterflies in my stomach. […]

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One Lovely Blogger Award.

Hey!! Thanks to Ashutosh and Shreyas for nominating me for this award. They’re both amazing bloggers so do check their blog out 🙂 Rules: Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image. Must add 7 facts […]

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Photoshoot 2.0

Heya! I have some exciting pictures to show you’ll! These are the first few images taken of me my my DSLR. I rarely do photoshoots for me, I tend to do it for others more. But I am quite a #poser. I really enjoy doing getting pictures of me taken whenever I get the chance. […]

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Quotes 6.0

And at the sight of his smile. Boy,oh boy her world trembled.  –Unknown-1 One of my quotes from my most loved series Unknown! -Ri

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Wanderlust Here’s my image for the above photochallenge. Wanderlust, not only to a new place but I discovered my own building terrace had such a great scope for images. Here is my recent one. -Ri PS- I’ve had a week free of Awards haha!!!!

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