Beautiful Chaos.

Hey guys!

This is my first photoshoot post that I did, now don’t take it too far thinking I am some pro. It’s my cat Chloe’s photoshoot. She was my first model and these are the pictures.

Well the photoshoot went very smooth, some hiccups here and there when our model had to go and eat her meals!

If you didn’t already know, my parents gifted me the Nikon D3400 on my 15th birthday and well  I have been playing around with it and have gotten a few nature images along with these.


©Riya Rajayyan

If you’d like to see my nature pictures please comment down below!

Also, let me know which is your fav image and how my watermark looks!{I realize the size of the watermark is not constant in all images, just because I wanted to place it differently}

Thanks for reading, WE ARE AT 198 FOLLOWERS!!




27 thoughts on “Beautiful Chaos.

  1. The third one is my fav but the rest are amazing too. Chloe is so cute! ♥
    The watermark imo looks better when in small font.
    And yes, I’d love to see what more photos you have taken. ^-^

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