My Tales #1

Hey guys!

Welcome to My Tales #1, what is this you ask? This series are gonna have all stories that I have written, mostly for school assignments and I thought of sharing them with you. I will be sharing about 4 in all,every week.

I had posted one essay that I wrote called The Confession some time ago, and people did enjoy reading it. So here is another one I wrote at school for a test actually and scored 7.5/10, which is a milestone in IG board, where getting marks in English is very difficult, its actually one of the toughest boards on scoring for English Language.

QUESTION: As the Grade Representative of your school, you are asked to give a motivational speech to your batch mates on the following topic “The Joys Of Reading” 

Good Morning to one and all present here. Today, I, Riya Rajayyan am present here to talk to you all about an interesting topic. It is something we all have done, either forced by our parents or independtently. Any idea what this could be? It is Reading. Not only our school books though. I will talk about the vast diversity of reading.

The genre a person reads can speak a lot about them. Most of my friends and I love fiction but a few enjoy classics as well. Lets first talk about Fiction, it is something teenagers love because of all the relatable content of relationships, life, character that is present in the book. Fiction has the power to take us into another world and be part of it, isn’t this, my friends, a sheer joy? It is something our textbooks cannot do and that is why I suspect all school going children love Fiction.

Moving on to Classics, like Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and all the works of the Victorian era, these books carry a unqiue style of writing. We can take our minds off the stress of life by just reading them. You will find a difference, I assure you of that. Along with feeling happier you also learn a lot of new words improving your vocabulary. Isn’t t that a huge plus point? Well if classics aren’t your cup of tea, you can opt for many more genre’s like Mystery, Drama and Adventure. Out of them, mystery is surely my favourite. You see, friends, reading is not only about keeping a book open and rushing through lines, it is about cutting yourself from the worldly drama and diving into the world of characters and fun. You all will surely find immense joy in that, like I have.

Thank You all for listening to me. I hope I could ignite a spark of the joys of reading in you.

Yay! I hoped you liked this.

Comment down below if you liked it!{ or didn’t too 😦 }

A new tale coming next week!

Stay Tuned.











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