Against Racism.

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Hey Guys,

Today, I want to talk on an issue that has been bothering me from some time. I am no expert, but am trying to voice my opinion on this situation.

Anger spread like fire at Pari Chowk in Greater Noida, about 40 kilometres away from the heart of Delhi, on Monday. More than 100 people, who had gathered at the quaint roundabout with candles to stage a vigil after the death of a 17-year-old student, ended up attacking Africans spotted anywhere in the vicinity. They alleged that the teenager died after a few Nigerians forced him to inhale drugs.

The peaceful protest soon turned into a riot and there were rumours about the abduction of an African woman, which the local police denied. The latest incident only adds to the long list of hate crimes in Delhi NCR against people who look and live different.

HT takes a look back at how Delhi has often been unkind to Africans residing here.

May 2016: Over a dozen African nationals attacked in South Delhi

At least four men and two women were injured in the attack on at least 12 Africans in Rajpur Khurd village in south Delhi. They were attacked by locals who allegedly objected to the “free lifestyle” of these men and women.

Police had said that there were four attacks within a span of an hour which hinted that they may have been carried out in a planned way. In two cases, the complainants were women — one a Uganda national and the other of South Africa. In the other two, the complainants were Nigerian men.


I don’t really read the newspaper often, but I keep my self updated about the things going on by some means or the other. The other day I happened to read this, and I just felt how our country is changing.

Such racism growing does not look good,by any means. So much violence just because they look different from you and you think they do some illegal activity?

They might just be students, studying in our country or families living here.That doesn’t give anyone rights to do such horrible things to them.

Being racist gives what? Nothing. Just useless harm and activity.

Yes, drug dealers and illegal activity done should be stopped, but not every African person you see does that. Nobody has rights to harm them and create so much violence.

Racism needs to be stopped,not only in India but everywhere else.

What is happening to Indian students in Australia? Why have they been mugged, knifed, set alight, and murdered, mostly, in Melbourne, Australia’s proud multi-racial melting pot city where, according to my colleague Nick Bryant, people from 140 nations live side-by-side?

Nearly a year after the attacks began, nobody is quite sure. Already, in the new year, two Indians have been attacked – one murdered; and the other allegedly set on fire in Melbourne. What we know for sure is that the number of Indian students wanting to study in Australia has slumped by almost 50%, diplomatic relations between the two countries have soured and grim travel advisories have been issued by the Indian government to students in Australia.

People here say they still don’t know why Indians are being targeted. Have the attacks followed a pattern? Do the victims have some kind of a common profile or background? How do the number of attacks on Indians compare with attacks on other expatriate groups? Are the attacks concentrated in a specific area? How many of these attacks could have had a racist motive?


Again, such things have to be stopped.

But how?

It’s our thinking and mindsets that have to change. The misjudging attitude and the thought that a person from a specific race has to be doing something wrong.

Racism isn’t a thing, it’s a thought, a feeling.

The world needs to heal from this cruelty. And embrace the uniqueness of life and people.

Yeah, so that was it. I just hate any form of racism and this stuff needs to be stopped. I totally agree that some people do illegal activity and they may be from a specific race, but that doesn’t make EVERY person in that race bad. They shouldn’t be killed.

#StopRacism I tag you all reading this to post your views on Racism on your site, and spread awareness.




12 thoughts on “Against Racism.

  1. The most ironic part is that people enjoy racism. It has been a joke to some, while others a fun way to roast others. It’s completely left up to those victims on how to react but it’s indeed disappointing to witness people be so self centered and cruel to others. Great post ↘️✌️🏻

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