Delectable Goodness.


Yesterday, I picked up some brownies at Theobroma which is the best place for brownies in Mumbai.

They opened a small stall in the food court of Infiniti Mall, Malad and I am so happy because the other stores are quite away from my house and I couldn’t go there often. I go to Infiniti very often and do most of my shopping there so this stall is a blessing.

I had to try food photography, so these are the images!

Cookie Brownie & Choco Chip Brownie



The packaging of these were so cute!!



Here is where you can find them other than at Infiniti, Malad.


If you live in Mumbai, and haven’t tried it then what are you doing with your life? Seriously, go and buy some. You won’t regret it.{Comes from a true FOODIE}

And if you ever visit Mumbai, don’t forget to visit the stores and get some because they serve so much yummy stuff other than brownies. But Brownies are their specialty!

Thanks for reading!

I’m sure you’ll be hungry now so grab some brownies asap!



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