Differences in the School Life in India vs Abroad.


This is a very different post than my usual ones, but this topic has really intrigued me and/or made me a bit jealous too.

In India, the schooling is very different than any other other. Everyone gives education and studies the top most priority, now obviously I’m not saying it shouldn’t be one but sometimes people take it too far.

Here are a few ways Indian schools are different from Abroad ones.{please bear in mind,these are my personal experiences, not every school in India may be the same}

  1. Sports and Athletics lectures decreasing in number as you go to the next grade: This is surely the case in my school, we just have 2 lectures in all of sports! Yes, that’s it. Our options are very limited as well, its more like either take what you get to play or leave it.
  2. We don’t need to move around to change classes: This is great really, those 10mins before the next teacher comes is super fun! We almost have mini parties. Basically, we just sit in one class the whole day while our teachers move around to teach us. If you’re in a country where you have to change classes, you’ll are missing out this fun.
  3. Strict School Rules: I’m in the 10th grade now, so I’ve lived 10years with these rules. Here are some examples : School uniforms, No gadgets, No makeup or NailPaint,, no badass hairstyles.


Now here’s my take on these rules.

Uniform: Ugly and hate it.

No gadgets: ABSOLUTELY HATE IT, for someone like me who loves my phone this rule is too bad. We can’t take our phones to school!!

No Makeup:Haha! Nobody follows this, you just need to do minimal makeup and you’re set. But no eye and lip makeup at all, well that just  leaves you with Compact XD.

No Badass Hairstyles: Very literally I mean, girls with long hair need to braid them and those like me with medium length, need to tie ponytails. Well boys, they can’t do anything at all.

So if you’re thinking this is some kind of rant, it isn’t. I have lived with this almost 10 years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way either. I’m into fitness but not sports{they ARE different,okay?} so that doesn’t make a huge difference. But the rules, I would hate to wear regular clothes and be picked on if they’re not expensive. Uniform saves this bullying. No gadgets, as much as I hate it, it is the reason we pay attention in class, our phones would just distract us. And the makeup and hair: keeps everyone looking decent.

I just began 10th grade today, we have extra classes till 21st April and I mean we’re so used to this, that nobody is annoyed anymore.

How is/was your school life different than the one in India?Comment down below.

Thanks for reading the my random thoughts.




22 thoughts on “Differences in the School Life in India vs Abroad.

  1. Well, it’s case to case basis dear..in our school , students have standard uniform as it’s public school . We are not strick about make up and nail paint but some teachers requires ”simple and decent ” look during class.. In terms of gadget, I would support banning them inside classroom as my students seems distracted by them.. Imagine your teacher’s disappointment when students is not paying attention to their lesson..and take note, we prepare it overtime at home just for you and some are just texting , reading, witching and .. *sigh*
    – Moon

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