Ascending Through The Mess #4

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Hey Guys!!

We’re back with ATTM4 after a month, and we’re talking about how Sia felt when she felt left out. She also gives her 14 year old self some sound advice that maybe we all will benefit from one day or another.

It wasn’t like I was not going through enough, that this had to happen.

Let me take you to when I, Sia decided to join a youth group in my area. The youth group did very fun stuff like camping, cooking and other fun activities. My friend joined it a few weeks back and persuaded me to join as well.

I wasn’t doing anything interesting and school was hell so I decided to join in as well.

Let’s get less into the details now, and more into what I was feeling.

They had a leader in the youth group , he was friendly and extroverted.Just like the popular bunch of kids we all know.

My friend who pushed me into this, acted very two faced that day. She never introduced me as her friend but instead as an “acquaintance” and when she said that , my heart sank.

You maybe thinking how this was such a big deal, but I didn’t have many friends and the ones I had didn’t admit to me being her friend. How could she do this.
My friend went off to her other friends and left me in middle of a few loud,noisy kids. I stood there, while they continued their conversation. They could see me, but acted as if I was invisible.

Their behavior really put me off, and I didn’t feel welcomed at all. I tried all the tricks in the bag to fit in and start a conversation.

But they didn’t listen or care either.

I hated to have to try so hard, especially in a youth group , where people are supposed to be welcoming. They didn’t care about me, none of them did.

That night, I cried a lot. I hated to be rejected and the feeling of being left out is the worst.

Instead of crying, I should have held my head high and moved on. People shouldn’t matter and you won’t be able to fit in EVERYWHERE.

Try to though, but not too hard. Because you have to be true to yourself and not change for people.

We hope you liked it! Do give your thoughts and views in the comments below.

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