The Candour #1


As promised to all my readers, I am continuning my most loved seriesUnknown in form of a longer story, which will include the backgrounds of my characters in the beginning before going on to be formatted as a proper story and a diary entry of either one of them at times.

Unknown is a romance-mystery series and this new series will tell you more about the characters and the twists and turns they are going to face.

I will recommend you to read all 10 of the Unknown series before beginning{they’re pretty short,except the last ones}

Hi! I’m Zack Green , the leading male character you read about this whole time. The writer was so kind to me, she described me as such a good looking guy, well I’m not saying I’m not,but anyway!

Let me tell you all about myself and a short background check on me! I’m pretty geeky by nature, I get good grades and I do well in sports too. I don’t have any siblings so all the attention is on me, which makes my parents very possessive. But I love them.

Talents? Haha MY.LOOKS , nah! I’m not that cocky, was just trying to impress the ladies XD. No but honestly speaking, I create apps and love tech. I also like to doodle! And that’s pretty much it, I’m a just regular guy learning to adapt to this life of mine.

I’m quite introverted really, I’m sure from the above paragraphs you must have thought I’m this player with a no-care attitude. But nope! I don’t believe in being a player, I’m very loyal and if I fall for a girl, I am plain honest and very loyal to her.

I like to be nice to girls, rather than showing off things to them.

Well there is this one girl at school, I’m sure you know of her. She’s weird honestly. Not in a bad way, but she’s just different.

Anyway that’s a small introduction to me, and I hope you like me haha!

Yayyyyyy, I’m so excited for this new series! I hope you’ll liked talking to Zack! He’s a great guy honestly, just how I like guys to be.*wink*

But know this for a fact, don’t trust him too much, he’s mysterious and not the good-guy type all the time.

What did you think of him? Comment down below.


Pic credits: Pinterest

Stories will be longer after introductions!




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