Keep Dreaming.

Dreams. A similar post on the topic.

Hey Guys!

A really talented blogger contacted me a few days ago for a collab, after seeing his work and finding so many similarities in our writings I had to agree and here we are with our first collab. This amazing blogger is Benjamin Lessard and here is a link to his post!

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“Keep Dreaming” this is something I can always write about. There are so many inspiring people who reached their goals because of one dream. Doesn’t that make you think you can do something just like that as well?

Your dreams make you different and they’re something you should try to accomplish. Maybe you’re just a highschooler like me who’s current dream is to score well in my 10th Grade board exams and then get into a good college so I can go abroad to study in university.

I always had my mind fixed, I wanted to finish 12th grade in India and then move abroad to study more. That’s my dream, for today at least. But sooner or later things may change and I’ll face more difficulties in reaching that dream, but will that make me stop? Nope, never.

And nothing should stop you from reaching your dreams too. Yes difficulties come but they go away sooner or later. You should have the determination to reach them! And where does that determination come from? Yourself!

Don’t think you can’t do it or you’re not gonna make it. You will, trust me because once you have your mind set, anything is possible.

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You can do it, each one of you reading this, you can reach your dream.

Maybe our dreams may not change the whole world, but it may make a huge impact on our life itself.

-Riya Rajayyan

Thanks for reading, this was really fun to do and be sure to check out Benjamin’s post as well!



4 thoughts on “Keep Dreaming.

  1. This was a beautiful, well written blog post. You write so eloquently, it was great! Thank you for the kind words and it was really fun working with you. Like you said, we have some similarities in our writing, thus, I can’t wait to do more cool and exciting collabs in the future! 🙂

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