The Candour #2

The Candour #1

Hey! Here’s a small introduction to my other main character. Do not begin the candour series without reading Unknown-10 and all the ones before it because you won’t understand the story otherwise!

I’m Emily Salvatore. You’ve all read about me. You know how I am like,don’t you? The author’s friends loved me and I know you reading this does too. Because I’m just so sweet right?

All the previous parts showed my feelings towards this one guy at school. Zack. A charming guy, beautiful eyes and messy hair. Perfect. Oh and a strong jawline haha.

But I didn’t like him just for that, I like him for his heart. He’s not very popular nor am I but he’s still famous because of his apps. I’ve tried a few of them and they are so good. He is a really genuine and nice guy, I hope I can tell him that.

Well, on to me now. I’m a single child and I live with my parents. I love pets and photography. I draw decently and love Music. I play the drums actually! Zack couldn’t believe it when we had our first conversation.

But being the sassy me, I gave him a nice reply. Along with being a tad bit sassy , I’m quite shy too. I’m an ambivert and sometimes social situations get awkward.

But with my friends, I am really talkative and funny haha. I also am a tad bit intimidating to first meet, I get that trait from my father.

But I will agree , I am bossy but not to an extent. Like I wouldn’t be rude to somebody but when I need work done,I’ll make sure the person does it!

So yeah, that’s it. Oh wait, what about boys? I haven’t had any boyfriends yet, Zack is the only guy I like and I am extremely loyal when it comes to relationships.So don’t worry, your girl is set.

Yayyy, that’s Emily. I gave her a few traits I have too along with her own. I hope you like her!

What do you think of Emily? Comment down below.

[PS- I just began watching the Vampire Diaries hence the surname! Did anyone get it?]





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