Ascending Through The Mess #5

Ascending Through The Mess #1

Ascending Through The Mess #2

Ascending Through The Mess #3

Ascending Through The Mess #4

I was sitting near the window in the classroom. The sky looked beautiful, the clouds like candyfloss. Our teacher isn’t here yet. A girl with glasses walked towards me. She had blue eyes and black hair. Why would she want anything to do with me? I haven’t seen her before so she must be the new kid. “Maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one.”, she said to me. I looked up from the book by John Green that I was reading. “That’s one of my favourite lines.”, I replied. “Are you liking the it?”, she said, sitting down on the desk next to me. I put my copy of Paper Towns on the desk and we talked about Quentin and Margo.


After school, we went to hang out at the coffee shop nearby. Alina is a lot like me. She’s introverted, kind and understanding. She moved here recently and her parents run a grocery store. Being in a new place isn’t easy. As someone who doesn’t do well with change, I totally understand that. She loves to read and enjoys the same TV shows that I do. She used to be picked on at her old school so she hopes for a better experience at this one.

Prom is tomorrow. I don’t have a date so I’m not going to it. I plan to stay in and binge-watch Vampire Diaries. “Sia. Sia!”, said my English teacher causing me to snap out of my daydream. I let my thoughts drift away, again. I hear a snicker from Lainey: the popular girl. I sigh and look at my notebook wishing that she’d leave me alone.

I put my textbooks inside my locker and close it. A group of girls push past me chatting excitedly about prom. The click-clack of heels came to a stop behind me. “Does the loser have a date?”, a cruel voice spat. Lainey laughs and so do her minions. I don’t believe in hurting others so I try to walk away but one of her cackling minions steps in front of me. They ridicule my inability to communicate with the opposite sex and make mean remarks about my personality. I start to panic and breath heavily. I can’t form words and feel dizzy.

“Hey, get away from her.”, says Alina. Her blazing eyes look a shade darker. I’ve never seen her look so fierce. She put an arm around me and guided me to an empty classroom where I collected myself. “Thank you.”, I said.

We all have that one friend who is our rock forever. Trust them and appreciate them.




Talk soon!



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