The Candour #3

The Candour #1

The Candour #2

This story continues after Unknown-10 where Emily saw Zack with a girl at the coffee shop on Friday.

Monday morning blues woke Zack up. He stayed on his phone for way too long on Mondays, along with thinking on a way to bunk school. His mom called him down for breakfast and now he knew there was no way out. He had to go to school. Ugh.

On the other end, Emily was back from her morning run, all pumped up for school. She wanted to clear the confusion between her and Zack as soon as possible. She threw on some clothes {No maybe, had an hour of thinking what to wear but anyway}  and went off to the bus stop. Zack did the same. He threw on some clothes literally   and left.


Walking into school, I saw the many students.

All with a sad face, maybe because it’s Monday.

Some went by their lockers, others chatted about their weekend.

But I

I looked for him.

Where was he?

Is he ignoring me? 

Doesn’t he want to talk.

Or did he just not realize.


I hate Mondays. Hate em.

Annoying classmates , boring lectures and a dull day.

Anyone or anything couldn’t brighten it.

I saw Emily in the distance.

Glaring over at me like I’m some alien man.

She’s so weird sometimes, I tell you. 


“Oh hi Zack, I never saw you”

Uh- Hey Em, didn’t you actually? Because I saw looking at me like i’m some eccentric guy!

“WHAT! No never, you’re not eccentric. You’re so smart, so nice, so kind , so …..”

{Awkward laugh} Um thanks, you’re pretty chill too.

” Ugh I made it so awkward, sorry”

No no its okay, I’ve had my share of awkwardness with you last week when we met.

“Haha yeah, we met. I saw you at the Cafe too actually”

Oh you did? You should have come up and said Hi

“Ah! I didn’t want to disturb you and your date”

{Starts to stop making eye contact} Uh yeah.. um not my date.. um kind of ..but not really.


I need to go! Bye Em, and just stop stalking me.

” Excuse me? I was at the cafe for coffee, not for you”

Whatevs. Peace

” Ugh boys, Bye!”

YAYYYYY so I hope you liked that! If you noticed, I’ve included the unknown style of writing as well along with my normal storyline. That just adds a dash of uniqueness.

Comment down below who you thought was being weird.

Thanks for reading












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