Photoshoot 2.0


I have some exciting pictures to show you’ll! These are the first few images taken of me my my DSLR.

I rarely do photoshoots for me, I tend to do it for others more. But I am quite a #poser. I really enjoy doing getting pictures of me taken whenever I get the chance. Usually I take my own self-shoots or selfies which I must say, a lot of people have praised me for XD lol . {#selfiegamestrong}

I don’t why the hashtags,don’t ask. And yes I was bragging because its true that people love my selfies.

But anyhoo here are a few pictures—all of them are window shoots because they’re my favourite kind.

This one looks just very natural.


My fav out of all.


So as you can tell they all are the same pose but just with different angles. I think they turned out pretty nice.

Which is your fav?Comment below



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