My Crush❤


My friend Sheetal here on WP wrote such an awesome poem about crushes. Which inspired me to write this poem/thoughts today.

You don’t know who I am.

Maybe you do,we talk everyday actually.

But do you know about how I feel towards you? 


You don’t.

Every time I get your text, butterflies in my stomach.

You tremble my world.

Each annoying thing you do,makes you more special.

But I wish I could tell you.

Everytime you smile and enjoy talking to me, I feel over the moon.

Thank you my crush.

For being a great friend to me.

For listening to me and being with me.

I hope one day, I can let you know what you mean to me.

Thank you my crush.

Well I am a teenager, I’ve had a lot of crushes. But my current crush means so much to me, all of the above is true in my life

My crush stories are very interesting, maybe I’ll gain the courage to share them here one day.

I hope you liked reading my confusing thoughts and feelings 🙂

Talk soon



21 thoughts on “My Crush❤

  1. All your posts are so lovely, like a breath of fresh air. You made me nostalgic, reading about school and crushes sent me back to that beautiful innocent stage where everything was confusing (it still is ) yet magical..
    Wishing you all the best for future, enjoy this time and the wonderful years to come😊😊

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