My Music Taste.


A lot of people have asked me what my music taste is and they kind find it funny as well.

Well my music taste is, classic pop music. The catchy ones which make 3% sense. Haha. 

But at the same time, I love EDM, because it is such a talent to make music like that. Martin Garrix,Skrillex,Zedd🔥. Also I have begun to listen to a lot of rap music, not full fledged maybe but for e.g DJ Khaled and Drake etc.

I also love Twenty One Pilots, their music is amazing.

Currently I’m OBSESSED with I’m The One by DJ Khaled which is full of so cool people like Chance the Rapper/Justin Beiber etc.

I have heard the song so manyyy times. If you haven’t heard it do listen , its so damn catchy.

We just watchin’ Netflix, she ain’t got no cable, okay though– my fav lyric from that song😂

Well, my music taste is wrecked up but I love it. Sometimes I just listen to slow Ed Sheeran songs to going to Drake and then to my favourite bands to Skrillex.

What is your music taste?

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