The last goodbye.

Tears rolled down her eyes, Memories flashed in front of her. She recalled her teenage years, when everything seemed wrong, When arguments were common and she forgot what they did for her. She wanted to make it right But, Now all she could see was darkness. And her parents pictures framed on the coffin in […]

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Thoughts 1.0

4 of them came,4 of them went. All asking her the same question. She played with their minds, leaving them addled and rebuffed. Little did she herself know what kind of guy was the right one. Kind of based on personal experience! ©AestheticGraphy PC:Google Images  

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Just a small heads up..

Hey guys! I wanted to talk to you’ll about some things might happen soon. Nothing very serious! But, my school starts next week which mean I’m officially done with vacations. This summer I posted a lot of content and was able to meet new people and just have a lot of time dedicated to this […]

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Haiku #8

Her voice began to fade and her touch nowhere to be found Her daughter left her belongings  and turned back to her life. Only to leave her mother outside the old age home, cold and alone.  

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Blue Sky Tag pt.5

Blue Sky Tag pt.1 The Blue Sky Tag pt.2 Blue Sky Tag pt.3 Blue Sky Tag pt.4 Thanks again to Mila for nominating me for another round of Blue Sky Tag. Rules: Give 11 questions tag 11 people answer 11 questions. 1.How are you today? ANS: Pretty Good. 2.Where do you see yourself in 3 […]

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Haiku #7

“Nobody can love me as much as him” the young girl said. Her father heard her words and said “Its great to find a soulmate” But deep in his heart, he knew his daughter had forgotten her first love. Him.  Nobody can replace the place a father has in his daughter’s life. Not even the […]

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Much Fake?

People today have become more aware of things than ever before, the Internet brings it all to us, we can learn anything and everything online. Internet also allows us to meet people, genuine and fake alike. People like you and I blog, we write what we like. Inspiration/Poem/Stories whatever it may be, but are you […]

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Haiku #6

Never had they seen each other. But their conversations seemed like they were meant to be. Virtual friendships made her believe being introverted couldn’t be that bad. Dedicated to all my virtual friends. ©AestheticGraphy

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Haiku #5

All those tears and laughter Went out of their lives As there lay their mother,lifeless and void. ©AestheticGraphy

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