The Candour #4

The Candour #1

The Candour #2

The Candour #3

Emily stood there in shock. Her love, the one she loved so much, what happened to him? Why was he so angry.


Did I do something wrong?

To stir up that blast of anger in him?

Or is it just testosterone.

Could be, because it does cause boys to get aggressive.

But he should have control, shouldn’t he?

He can’t just be so rude.

Emily went on to her class, which she shared with Zack. She saw him chatting with his friends, like nothing ever happened. “So oblivious”she said to herself.

Zack saw her, but he was just not ready to say a word. He ruffled his hair and looked at his Nike’s but didn’t look at Emily.


Oh Zack!! What have you done!

May be I shouldn’t have been so rude

But she’s intriguing too much into my personal life right now

Emm.. How could I face you now

She got those beautiful eyes I can’t stop staring into

What should I do if we meet again?

Or if we never do.

I’m so dumb, I didn’t own that coffee shop. Everyone comes there.

Maybe it’s my turn to patch this up.

Zack went through his classes with his mind on what he could do to sort things. Will he be able to though?

Emily had given up hope that he would say anything, and they both went home that day, without saying a word.

Hey there, I know I’ve left you on a cliffhanger right now, don’t hate me. The mysterious girl will be revealed next time, I promise.

I had some help from Jai who was kind enough to help me with Zack’s POV. I need help on and off with Zack’s POV because as much as i try, I cannot really come up with a genuine and relatable pov for obvious reasons.

If you are interested to help me out, please leave a comment down below.



Talk soon!



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