Love, does it exist?

Love. Soul mate. Family. Friends, they all go in harmony but does love really exist in today’s world? Here is my take on it.

Me? I’m just your regular 15 year old, and here I am telling you’ll what I think about “love” from my perspective. Now most of you may think, I have so little experience in the real world, or I don’t know the reality but thing is I do, everyone does.

I have never been in any relationship before. Nothing. Crushes, yes, a load my teenage years would be so boring otherwise. But they were just a phase. I knew nothing would work out anyway.

In today’s world, dating is very easy. I wouldn’t even have to get out of my house to meet guys, I can just go online and find so many. But most of these guys online, you don’t know them, a lot of them can cause a lot of harm to you as well. Which makes me doubt if real love even exists.

Now, its not like I didn’t meet guys online, I have too, even through this blog and WP. But it is just with intentions of making new friends around the world and I only continue conversations if I find them genuine and nice, because again, I don’t really know them to become friends. To date, all of the guys and girls I made friends with via this blog are amazing and genuine people and I hope you’re smiling reading this 🙂

Love exists, it does. I haven’t found anyone yet, nor do I want to anytime soon. I know someday or another I will meet someone who can handle this personality of mine.

Hearts are broken but it doesn’t mean love does not exist, love is not only to someone you like, but is also to your friends and family.

Why do our friends annoy us? Help us? Laugh and enjoy with us? Because they love us. Love exists.

Why does our family love and protect us? Be there for us 24/7?  Because they love us.

Love isn’t a thing, its a feeling. If you’re selfish you won’t ever feel it. It’s all around us, but depends on the way we see the world.

Look the world differently, and you’ll see love exists.

What do you think about love? Comment down below.

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